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The Gulag Launch

APRIL 2013, WASHINGTON DC - Liefa founder, Marcus Kolga, presented at the Joint Baltic American National Committee conference in Washginton D.C. in April to launch the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation's new Gulag exhibit, developed and designed by Liefa.

VOCMF Chairman, Dr. Lee Edwards introduced the the presentation and Kolga took the audience through the groundbreaking work on the subject.

The Gulag is the most comprehensive English language collection of articles and information on the Soviet Gulag.

Liefa worked on the site for nearly two years, developing, researching and collecting content and developing and designing the interactive exhibits as well as the 3D Virtual Gulag Environment.

The site features exclusive essays by iconic Harvard Sovietologist, Richard Pipes and Pulitzer Prize winning author of "Gulag: A History," Anne Applebaum.

"The Global Museum on Communism Gulag exhibit is a unique, living site that will grow and develop over time as we look to collect personal and oral histories, to complete this history" said Kolga.




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