Meet the team

Marcus Kolga

Marcus Kolga

Founder / Partner

An award winning independent documentary filmmaker, graphic designer, journalist and political activist, Marcus founded Liefa Communications in 2003.

Tarmo Saks

Tarmo Saks

Creative Director

With nearly 20 years of design experience, Tarmo has won countless international awards for his pioneering design and creative work.

Mart Matsoo

Lead Developer

A genius programmer, Mart has worked on massive Drupal installations and was among the first to deploy Drupal for a major government website.

Providing skills

We provide skills in multiple fields.

Public Relations & Brand Management 90%


Web design & development 90%


Strategic Communications 80%


Social Networking Strategies70%


We deliver 360° strategic thinking and direction for NGO's, not-for-profits and government agencies. From brand development to web communications strategies, Liefa expands audiences and delivers targeted messages that provide proven, measurable results.

Our Challenge

Since 2004, our challenge has been to provide top tier communications strategies and services to NGO's, not-for-profits and government agencies.

Our global portfolio of work demonstrates our unique ability to deliver results in sectors that are often ignored and not understood by major communications firms.

What Drives Liefa

As communications experts, activists and volunteers, we understand both our clients and how they need to interact with their constituents, audiences and the public. We also believe that NGO's, not-for-profits and government agencies deserve the same high level of communications and branding service as large commercial sectors.

We believe in and have dedicated our expertise to helping NGOs, not-for-profits and government agencies to improve their communications with cutting edge technologies, brand and communications strategies.

Our Approach

Unlike large design and communications firms, we understand, respect and treat our NGO and not-for-profit clients as partners. Simply put, we only work with organizations who we believe in and where we can help make a difference.

You know your strengths. You know your audience. Liefa works together with you to take your organization to a new level of interaction and ways of communicating with the world.